Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fairy Tales and Romance Week: Valentine's Day

I admit my first thoughts of Valentine's Day--besides the ubiquitous chocolate and roses and candy hearts--are the cards. I remember eagerly picking out cards to give out to classmates in grade school and working feverishly to make sure I filled one out for each kid. I think I picked Snoopy ones more years than not.

I've been searching for several weeks for various romantic greeting cards with fairy tale themes or references and somehow kept failing to find many, except for Disney related ones. I didn't want Disney ones!

But, here are two that I found and decided to share. First, this one is funny, not specifically for Valentine's Day, but a general purpose card. I found it at the Montreat Conference Center website where this line of cards featuring funny lines by kids is sold.

Full saying: "They lived happily ever after, and then they had to go to work." Inside: "Fairy tales do come true."

The next was my favorite and I found it on the artist's blog. Her name is Heather Castles and she gave permission for me to use the image and helpfully provided the interior words since the card is no longer in production.

Full saying: "Our love is like an enchanting magical dreamy fairy tale except for one thing..."
Inside: "'s Real!"

So Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I prefer to make the day about all kinds of love and don't celebrate it with my own true love as a romantic holiday. It's sandwiched between our wedding anniversary and our first date anniversary, the day we KNEW, well, that we would be married someday. Those are much more important to us personally so we use Valentine's Day to spread love further around to friends and family because it can also be a day of loneliness and overwrought expectations, too. Take away the pressure and it all becomes much more enjoyable...

So I send my love to you all and thank you for sharing this fairy tale passion with me.

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  1. I liked St. Valentine's Day a lot better in childhood, when we built fun mailboxes for our cards and everybody in the class gave each other those cards. Celebrating this day in adulthood, when you're supposed to be in one of two extreme camps -- Extreme Romance versus Hate The Day -- seems a lot less fun.

    Thanks for bringing back the more fun memories! :-)