Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lena Headey Joins the 'Grimm Fairy Tales' Animated Series


From Lena Headey Joins the 'Grimm Fairy Tales' Animated Series by iamrogue:

Fairy tales aren't just for scaring the hell out of children. In this post-postmodern age, fairy tales are exactly the type of familiar, malleable properties that audiences expect to see turned on their heads to illuminate new elements of the old stories. While there are current and upcoming movies and television series based on the familiar stories, there's just one animated series, Grimm Fairy Tales, and the project has found its vocal leading lady in Lena Headey.

Grimm Fairy Tales is based on the comic book series that Zenescope Entertainment has published since 2005. Every issue contains a familiar fairy tale being retold by Dr. Sela Mathers, a literature professor whose twisted versions of these stories are pointed cautionary tales. Lena Headey will voice Sela, and will also be a major creative force on the series.

Frequent Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. director Jon Schnepp is directing the entire series, and he's promised that Grimm Fairy Tales will be appropriately violent and unhinged. The idea is to create a Heavy Metal-style anthology with an unapologetic R rated sensibility.

So, no, not one for the kids or family.

There's also a Kickstarter page and here's a video, too.

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