Friday, April 13, 2012

Fairy Tales in Stitches: Princess and the Pea from Enchanted Forest

So I found this pattern on Ebay this week for a reasonable price (below $10 including shipping) and bought it. I doubt I will ever sew it, but I loved the artwork and wanted to add it to my personal collection. I own a few fairy tale cross stitch patterns--the only sewing I ever do besides button repair is cross stitch but the urge comes and goes in spurts that last months and then disappear again. With a new nephew on the way in September, I will need to pull out the materials again after my move.

I haven't received the pattern yet so I don't know if there was more fairy tale inspired work in this Enchanted Forest series.  It's no secret around here that I adore Princess and the Pea illustrations and other art, so it's not surprise that this unusual interpretation caught my overfilled eye this week. Enjoy!

I have two images that are larger, one from my Ebay seller and another from Etsy although I can't find it again either. Oh well...

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