Thursday, April 19, 2012

Advertising: Reading Is Fundamental with Some Fairy Tales

I spotted three fairy tales in there. If you want to count Pinocchio--I never do*--that would be four. Unless I missed one. And, no, I didn't count the two nursery rhymes either although I love those, too, along with the rest. Either way, this message is close to my heart in so many ways and it's a fun spot. And yay, Levar Burton while we are here!

*Nothing against Pinocchio folks. My mother just brought me back a small Pinocchio marionette from Assisi. I just don't categorize him as a fairy tale. Just because Disney has made a film, doesn't make it a fairy tale.


  1. Awesome. Glad you posted that!

  2. Whether Pinocchio counts depends on how you define "fairy tale". Some define it as "A fantastical tale directed at children", which would be about right for Pinocchio (heck, L. Frank Baum defined his own Oz books as "fairy tales"). Some people prefer to keep that term attached to the more fantastical sort of folk tale. There's always been a certain amount of grey area when it came to defining these tales.