Saturday, January 28, 2012

TV: Castle and Little Red Riding Hood

Castle, the ABC series, is drawing some inspiration from fairy tales for the 17th episode of its 4th season with an episode titled, "Once Upon a Crime." From Castle Scoop: Sarah Jane Morris Gets Involved In a Fairy Grimm Episode:

ABC’s Castle will kinda-sorta — but not really — crossover with the network’s freshman hit Once Upon a Time when Sarah Jane Morris guest-stars in a fairytale-flavored installment later this winter.

In this season’s 17th episode — titled, natch, “Once Upon a Crime” — Morris will play Leslie Morgan, a woman whose sister, Amy, was found dead in Central Park. The peculiar details of this quite unhappy ending? Amy was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the victim of an apparent wolf attack.

It looks like this will most likely air in the US on February 27th unless that timeslot gets preempted for something else and it gets bumped a week or two.

The series previously had a Goldilocks inspiration in its second season in the episode titled, "The Third Man." It was cleverly done so I am hoping this one is as witty, but I doubt it will be as subtle.

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