Saturday, January 28, 2012

Goldilocks in US Politics

Brooke's Goldilocks 7

I am not going to get political here on the blog--we need a few places to escape campaigns, don't we? But I was amused by this headline and the news that the GOP candidates have been invoking Goldilocks recently.

From Mitt Romney Upbeat After Strong Debate, Compares Newt Gingrich To 'Goldilocks':

"Speaker Gingrich said the debate before last night -- that the crowd wasn't allowed to cheer, and so he couldn't do so well because the crowd was too quiet," said Romney, referring to the NBC News debate where the audience was asked to hold its applause. "Then last night, he said the crowd was too loud. It's like Goldilocks. This porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold."

But Romney's not alone, from the same article:

Former Sen. Rick Santorum also recently invoked Goldilocks, saying Gingrich was "hot, radioactive" and Romney was "cold, timid" -- but he was "just right."

Okay, candidates. How about Sleeping Beauty next? That one should be easy! Emperor's New Clothes and Cinderella are way too easy. Extra points and my vote if you can invoke Bluebeard or Robber Bridegroom! Or Twelve Dancing Princesses--now that would be amazing.

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