Friday, January 20, 2012

New Grimm Episode Tonight: "Of Mouse and Man"

Above is a sneak peek for tonight's episode, "Of Mouse and Man" (TV-14). "When a man is found dead in a dumpster, the investigation leads to a sly snake and a timid mouse."

And, no, I am not sure which fairy tale is the inspiration this time. I have speculations, but the pre-press isn't helpful enough to be sure. The last several weeks have been much easier to know and have even outright stated in their preview materials.

In my online world, many of you readers here seem to be equally divided between Grimm and OUAT on ABC. In my real world, no one watches Grimm but just about everyone is telling me about their love for OUAT but that Grimm is too, well, grim, especially if they know about my connection to fairy tales.

And for those of you who are Monroe fans (the best character on the show by far, the one who is keeping me the most interested, I admit), there is a Best Monroe quotes section on NBC. I think they could kill off almost any character and no one would care except about Monroe. He'd probably spur a letter campaign.


  1. I love both equally. I've always felt that it's important to see the light and dark side of everything. These shows kinda balance each other out.

  2. Me too! I like both of them for different reasons plus they pick different stories to center around.