Friday, January 27, 2012

Scottish Ballet: Sleeping Beauty

This time I have video of a current ballet: The Scottish Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty. This one is filled with vibrant, bright colors and looks like fun. Too bad I am more than an ocean away... The production is touring Scotland, so it is more accessible if you are there.

This is one of my favorite ballets thanks to the music, I admit. I was raised on Nutcracker (or I raised myself on it and drove the parental units crazy wearing out recordings of it as a preteen) so Tchaikovsky will always be important to me. There's also a gallery on their site of images, but I don't have time to import them here today. It looks like a gorgeous production.

There is also video of a webcast they did backstage of a performance. This is a tech savvy ballet company!

Scottish Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty 2011 - Trailer from Scottish Ballet on Vimeo.

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