Friday, January 13, 2012

Top Chef Texas: Fit for an Evil Queen

Okay, now here's a reality show using fairy tales that I actually watch. Yes, John and I enjoy watching Top Chef together so this upcoming Wednesday's episode on 1/18/2012 will be a little more fun for us with the theme.

Here's the episode description from the Bravo website:

This week’s Quickfire is all about awareness in the kitchen. The chefs will have 30 minutes to create a dish of their choosing, but this is no ordinary Quickfire. Once time begins, various ingredients will start to come into the kitchen via a train. The chefs must select ingredients coming into the kitchen via train and create a dish incorporating the best of these ingredients. For the elimination challenge, the chefs embody evil on the plate and serve a gothic feast fit for a queen. This dish should demonstrate various cooking techniques, textures and flavors, but more importantly, the diners should visually see the “evil” components on the dish. Actress Charlize Theron, who plays the Evil Queen in the film Snow White & The Huntsman guest judges, along with Emeril Lagasse, head judge Tom Colicchio, and host Padma Lakshmi.

Interesting challenge. And more evidence that the promotional work and competition between the two Snow White movies is going to be fierce in upcoming months. This movie isn't even out for four more months.

Here are two more promos being show on tv put on YouTube by others, not great quality but with more previewing than the one above:


  1. This sounds pretty cool actually! I don't know if you get it where you live, but have you ever seen a British show called Heston's Feasts? he makes amaaaazing themed meals and he did a fairytale themed one, with candied 'poison apples' and a huge gingerbread house in a room that looked like a forest! It was mindblowing! If I am ever rich you can bet I will be asking him to recreate it for me!


  2. I watched this episode this week, and it was awesome! Charlize Theron was awesome. And I love the fairy tale theme. It's cool when reality shows incorporate some fairy tale into their challenges. I remember one season, they had a fairy tale challenge for Top Model. Oh, and SyFy's Face Off had a fairy tale theme in their season 1 finale (Industrial Hansel and Gretel, Post-Apocalyptic Little Red Riding Hood, Haunted Frog Prince, and Psychedelic Little Mermaid). And in their season 2 premiere, it was a re-imagining of Wizard of Oz.