Friday, January 6, 2012

France Month: Cendrillon by Agnès Lestrade (de) (Auteur), Princesse Camcam (Auteur)

Cendrillon by Agnès Lestrade (de) (Auteur), Princesse Camcam (Auteur) looks rathering generic from the outside which is emphasized when one realizes this is part of series from the publisher. But then one looks at the interior and sees some charming illustrations with--wait for it!--a BRUNETTE Cinderella. I'm in love. So, tell me, is it slightly jarring for you to see the traditional Cinderella story with a dark-haired beauty? I'm used to non-white Cinderellas, but not non-white and non-blonde. I feel like I stepped into the wrong fairy tale.

Book description:

Une nouvelle collection de grands contes classiquespour les 4-7 ans! Un conte de toujours, des personnages merveilleux, des illustrations pour rêver et une fin comme vous ne l’avez jamais vue… Bienvenue dans la forêt des contes.


  1. I really like this! Not only the brunette Cinderella - which is good, especially since the wicked stepsisters are somewhat blonde! - but the illustrations are fantastic.

  2. I owned a book where Cinderella was depicted as a brunette. It doesn't really surprise me. What does surprise me is if I see a version of Snow White where she doesn't have black hair.

  3. I like this. I never felt that Cinderella being a blonde was essential, just a disney thing. I've read versions with different hair colours, including the similar chinese one, where she, of course, has black hair, and there are fish bones instead of a godmother. And, of course, Cap o' rushes didn't specify hair colour! :)