Sunday, January 22, 2012

$10 off Ebook Textbook Extended Through 1/23


I posted about Amazon's $10 off the purchase or rental of an ebook textbook late in December but wanted to repost since the offer has been reopened and extended to tomorrow night if you didn't use it before. I did so I don't qualify for it again this year--I bought the Princess Peacock collection of Chinese folklore pictured above since I already owned the titles that I recommend the most. And my library of Chinese folklore is rather slim in comparison to other areas in my collection.

You can read about the deal here and enter the promo code into your account--remember you have to enter the code before you buy or rent a book--and here are links to textbook searches for Fairy Tales and Folklore since they can be tricky to generate if you're no on the right page. "If you received a confirmation that your code has been entered successfully, your $10 credit is now in your account and will remain there until it has been applied towards the purchase or rental of eligible Kindle e-textbooks or until it expires at 11:59 p.m PST on January 23, 2012."

There are other subject areas where you can find textbooks for under$10, so you'd get it for free. But this is a folklore blog, so that's what I am featuring here.



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