Saturday, April 27, 2019

LilRed Slippers by Spring Step

Now these are some of the cutest slippers I've seen in a while if you love Little Red Riding Hood. These the Lilred Slippers made by Spring Step and come in beige or grey. I have images of both colors below and you can shop the web for them but they are not cheap slippers being by Spring Step. Amazon is spot on in the competitive pricing on these.

I own several pairs of Spring Step and Spring Step L'Artiste shoes and I will warn you to ALWAYS size up. I wear 41 European (sometimes even 40) and always need 42 in Spring Step. Ditto if they are sized USA--I wear a 9.5 to 10 and need the 11 in Spring Step. I pretty much wear the largest size they make. I wear average width and the width is always fine for me but the length is always too short if I don't size up. If you actually wear a 10.5 or 11 or larger, you are unfortunately out of luck. But if you have a small, dainty foot, the smaller end of these should fit great even if you think they may be too big. You read enough reviews for this brand and you will see that sizing is a common complaint about Spring Step although the shoes are gorgeous and well made, some of my favorites after Rieker/Remonte (in which I do wear a 41!) for fun sophisticated shoes.

Little Red Riding Hood isn't even my personal favorite fairy tale, but I have to admit I want these. I've had tile floors for a year now and need shoes/slippers around the house year round. I just may be able to justify these for myself. :)

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