Monday, September 4, 2017

New Book: Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf Vol. 1 by Hachijou Shin

Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf Vol. 1 by Hachijou Shin was released in June with the second volume due out in October, see Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf Vol. 2.

There's no description for the book other than "Based on the video game by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc."

But I did find the following description about the series on Crunchy Roll when they announced the publication plans for this series:

Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf is a cheeky take on the Red Riding Hood story for fans of Alice in the Country of... and Dictatorial Grimoire, and includes plenty of familiar faces from Grimm fairy tales. This clever reinvention of the classic tale reverses the roles of the original, giving readers a lovable, cry-baby Wolf and an outgoing Red Riding Hood who just can’t help but want to tease him.

Once upon a time there lived a kind, sensitive Wolf. He loved the warm sun, the beautiful flowers, and the song of the birds. But one day the Wolf encountered a girl in a red hood. She delighted in making the Wolf cry, and immediately fell in love with his sorrowful face. Now she brings her colorful friends to torment him every day! What is the story behind all the strange characters populating the deep dark wood, and what is a big, sad wolf to do?

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  1. I bought this manga since I love fairy tales and humor. That being said, this is not for everyone. The Big Bad Wolf is sweet and sensitive. While Red Riding Hood is sadistic and falls in love with the Wolf when she made him cry (after torching his house down). So, most of the chapters have Red torturing the Wolf in order to get him to cry. There are good points, like the plot can be interesting and the humor is good. But it wasn't to my taste. I wished there was a softer side.