Monday, August 21, 2017

New Book: The Mermaid by Jan Brett

The Mermaid by Jan Brett is officially released this week. Jan Brett has illustrated many favorite fairy tales. This one is an unusual twist, perhaps the most unusual from her to date. It's a Goldilocks story told with mermaids! Catnip for some people I know!

Book description:

A striking under-the-sea version of Goldilocks as only Jan Brett could create.

When Kiniro, a young mermaid, comes upon a gorgeous house made of seashells and coral, she is so curious that she goes inside. She’s thrilled to find a just-right breakfast, pretty little chair, and, best of all, a comfy bed that rocks in the current.

But when the Octopus family returns home, they are not happy to find that someone has been eating their food and breaking their things. Baby has the biggest shock when she finds the mermaid asleep in her bed! Luckily, shock turns to happiness when Kiniro gives her a thoughtful gift before escaping from the twenty-four arms coming her way.

Vibrant, intricate scenes of an underwater paradise transport this classic fairy tale to a magical setting inspired by the seas off the coast of Okinawa, Japan. Chock full of fish and fauna and adventure, Kiniro’s story will enchant readers of all ages.

As always, here are some illustrations that you can view these larger by clicking on them.

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