Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“Baba Yaga Clucking Cottage” in Legos by Gabe Huff

The Nashville Public Library recently held its annual Lego Building Contest. I happened to look through the many impressive builds and saw this lovely surprise which also won for its age category: Grades 8 – 12: Gabe Huff, “Baba Yaga Clucking Cottage”

I was not expecting to see a Baba Yaga cottage and such a great one at that! Again, the Russian fairy tale influence is strong right now. Love it! Some impressive engineering to get that house to sit on those chicken legs, too.

There are some other great builds in the gallery of entries. Be sure not to miss them. I don't envy the judges!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool. There is a nice big castle in that slideshow, too, akin to ones I used to build with nephews on vacations. Now the nephews are grown up and one of them is a co-founder of the very successful Lego podcast Beyond the Brick.