Friday, October 21, 2016

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Purple Mattress and Goldilocks

Hubby John shared this with me several weeks ago and I kept forgetting to post it, cause LIFE.

I've seen a lot of advertising for mattresses using Goldilocks over the years--funny how it's almost always mattresses, never chairs, and rarely food--and this is one of my favorites to date. No, not the egg test but the fun references to the fairy tale make it charming for me. Mallory Everton, or Goldilocks here, is a favorite, too.

There is also a behind the scenes video:

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  1. If only hot cereals had mascots like those sweetened cold cereals do. On those commercials, there's always some mascot trying to steal some kid's cereal. If it were hot cereal (porridge) then who better to be the mascot/thief than Goldilocks.