Friday, August 26, 2016

Bargain Ebook: Black Swan, White Raven edited by Datlow and Windling

Black Swan, White Raven by Ellen Datlow (Editor) and Terri Windling (Editor) is on sale for $1.99, down from $6.15 in ebook format for the first time (to my knowledge). As I've said before, I have a hard time justifying rebuys when I own a hardcover and paperback edition of the book already, but $1.99 always lets me except that frugal policy.

Only five of the six books in this series have been digitized. Four have now had sale prices at some point--and I've shared those sales on the blog here--so just one more to go, Black Thorn, White Rose! And it is worth the full price if you don't own it yet, of course.

These books were part of the inspiration for SurLaLune's creation many moons ago. Hopefully someday the sixth missing book, Snow White, Blood Red, will be digitized but that may never happen since most likely reprint rights are standing in its way.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction -- Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
  • Words Like Pale Stones -- Nancy Kress
  • Stronger Than Time -- Patricia C. Wrede
  • Somnus’s Fair Maid -- Ann Downer
  • The Frog King, or Iron Henry -- Daniel Quinn
  • Near-Beauty -- M. E. Beckett
  • Ogre -- Michael Kandel
  • Can’t Catch Me -- Michael Cadnum
  • Journeybread Recipe -- Lawrence Schimel
  • The Brown Bear of Norway -- Isabel Cole
  • The Goose Girl -- Tim Wynne-Jones
  • Tattercoats -- Midori Snyder
  • Granny Rumple -- Jane Yolen
  • The Sawing Boys -- Howard Waldrop
  • Godson -- Roger Zelazny
  • Ashputtle -- Peter Straub
  • Silver and Gold -- Ellen Steiber
  • Sweet Bruising Skin -- Storm Constantine
  • The Black Swan -- Susan Wade
  • Recommended Reading -- Misc. Material

Book description--Note, the book description for the Kindle edition is for the wrong book, so I grabbed this from the paperback (and I corrected several misspellings in that one!):

Once Upon A Time . . .

A seduced prince willingly fell prey to a sensuous usurper's erotic treacheries . . . a flesh-eating ogre gamboled in the footlights . . . a gingerbread man fled in terror from the baking pan to the fire . . .

The award-winning editors of Snow White, Blood Red return us to distinctly adult realms of myth and the fantastic -- with eighteen wondrous works that cloak the magical fictions we heard at Grandma's knee in mantles of darkness and dread. From Roger Zelazny's delightful tale of Death's disobedient godson to Peter Straub's blood-chilling examination of a gargantuan Cinderella and her terrible twisted "art," here are stories strange and miraculous -- remarkable modern storytelling that remold our most cherished childhood fables into things sexier, more sinister . . . and more appealing to grown-up tastes and sensibilities.

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