Monday, July 18, 2016

Now I Believe in Fairy Tales from Papaya Art

So last week John and I were standing in a long checkout line at TJ Maxx (for some skirt hangers!) when I saw a little pocket notebook with this cover on it. For some reason it tickled me no end so I added it to my purchase for a whole dollar. If only most of my treasures came at that low price! And sure I fell prey to the checkout line upsale tactics, but it was only a $1!

I'm not sure why it tickled me so--I like that it doesn't show a typical blonde, blue-eyed prince and princess. It very much invokes Arabian Nights and Scheherazade to me so the fairy tales reference isn't exactly "off" but it doesn't exactly fit well either. It's some elusive quality of mixing the sensual with the trite that I think amused me so much. But I am not going to overthink this anymore. Moving on...

Papaya Art is the distributor and they have greeting cards with the image available on their website. 

Anyway, I wanted to shareanother way that fairy tales appear in my daily life when I am not looking for them. This one stood out more than others so I thought I would share.

I also found a round storage tin from Papaya Art on Amazon, so a more permanent version is available, but I will be quite satisfied with my little notebook.

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