Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Book: The Fairest Poison by Lauren Skidmore

The Fairest Poison by Lauren Skidmore was released earlier this month. A Snow White retelling, it is being marketed as a YA novel. Skidmore has previously written two other fairy tale novels inspired by What Is Hidden (Cinderella) and What Is Lost (Little Red Riding Hood) which I haven't shared on the blog so I will give them their own posts this week.

Book description:

Princess Bianca returns to her court to find it poisoned from the inside out. Faced with mysterious sicknesses, power disputes, and whispers of impending death, Bianca turns to an unlikely ally--a former assassin--to find the antidote that will save her kingdom. But Bianca quickly realizes that she might not even be able to save her own life in this Snow White story.

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