Friday, December 4, 2015

Fairy Tales in Strategy Board Games Deal of the Day at Amazon

There is a great sale on Amazon for today--Strategy Board Games Deal of the Day--with a lot of wonderful games. This sale is an annual tradition on Amazon and every year I get a few new games for my family.

The selection of games on sale this year is impressive and I want more than I am purchasing myself. This is the sale that inspired me to buy Dixit several years ago which has become a family favorite. Dixit has some fun fairy tale imagery in it across the different versions. The original version, the one on sale today, is still one of our favorites however.

One of the games I did purchase today is Rumpelstiltskin Card Game. I feel like I should give that game--since I just discovered it thanks to the sale--its own post. So I will. But I do recommend checking out the sale if you like games at all. I highly recommend Dixit, obviously. And Ticket To Ride - Europe and others!

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  1. Ooh, nice! Are you a board gamer too, Heidi? Before watching the video review, I was thinking this game sounded lots like Love Letter and turns out I was right :). How did you personally find the game?