Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bargain Ebook: Little Red Hot by Eric Kimmel

I reviewed Little Red Hot by by Eric A. Kimmel (Author), Laura Huliska Beith (Illustrator) last year shortly after its release. It's a fun interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, especially for those of you with a fondness for hot, spicy foods. Or not--I physically can't eat burning spicy foods myself but I liked this one anyway. It was an unusual take on the story with a definite flair in the text and illustrations.

Little Red Hot is currently $1 in digital format for Kindle devices--you have to have a Kindle, not a Kindle app--but if you do, it's definitely worth a $1. I think it's worth much more actually and am glad I own it in paper, but I know more kids are getting their picture books on digital devices these days and this one is fun. I'm not entertained very often by Little Red Riding Hood picture book retellings but this one stood out from the many I've read in recent years. Kimmel has many fairy tale retellings that are quite fun but I think this is my favorite of his bunch thanks in part to Beith's illustrative work, too.

And really, this review video promotes the book better than I can, so I thought I would share it, too:

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