Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Book: The Goldilocks Variations: A Pop-up Book by Allan Ahlberg

The Goldilocks Variations: A Pop-up Book by Allan Ahlberg was released late last year when I was in the throes of other things. So this one has been sitting on my list for a while, unexplored and unknown. Then I started looking at it to share with you. Then I stopped everything and put it in my shopping basket and bought it immediately. I hope my copy is here by Thursday because I am quite eager to play with it. Anything that makes Goldilocks fresh and fun is an immediate success with me!

Book description:

A classic fairy tale is wittily retold by the celebrated Allan Ahlberg, with charming illustrations by his daughter, Jessica Ahlberg.

Everyone knows what happened when Goldilocks met the three bears. But when she encounters a whopping thirty-three bears, the strange-talking Bliim, or even three little pigs, the stories end a bit differently. Lift the flaps and pull the tabs to join Goldilocks in a hilarious series of adventures, as award-winning storyteller Allan Ahlberg and his daughter, Jessica, put their own stamp on the timeless tale.

Now really, in order to get the full effect of this book, it must be seen in person. Flat photos don't do it justice. But the next best thing is video! And, lucky us, there is one: (Beware, you will want to own it, too!)

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  1. Heidi,

    Seriously! Are you trying to ruin me? At this rate, I'm not going to have any money left to pay my bills with all the books I'm buying because of your blog. Oh, *^#& electricity. I can do without. I'll just read by candlelight and eat Chef Boyardee from a can. It's pre-cooked, right?