Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood Jewelry

More images from France, this time from the Galleries Lafayette in Paris near the Opéra de Paris Garnier. John and I spent the late morning wandering the store and discovered this little display of Little Red Riding Hood themed jewelry. Last November, John was gracious enough to capture some hasty pictures and the clerks were nice enough to remain oblivious of the stupid American tourists snapping pictures of the jewelry displays. I didn't buy a piece since it was all a little too kitschy for me for the price, but I certainly enjoyed looking.

I know the images are small. Most of the jewelry consisted of LRRH and the wolf in his various incarnations, my favorite being him dressed as grandmother in the pendant above.

In the end, I'll admit the jewelry looked like low-end Claire's boutique (and I do shop and buy at Claire's from time to time) than high end department store jewelry. I've found things I liked better on Etsy, for example, where you can find items similar to these. However, this was obviously high end kitsch from the prices and display given to it. Someday I will share my own bit of fairy tale jewelry--a self-composed charm bracelet, but that will be another day and another post to look forward to.

The images are slightly bigger for viewing if you click on them to load larger image.

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