Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rapunzel Cake by Barbara Jo

We all know I have a love for edible art and so I went looking for Rapunzel themed cakes and such.  This is from 2002 and appeared on the Do It Myself blog, a now defunct blog featuring the work of two sisters, Barbara Jo and Barbara May.  Barbara Jo created this cake.  Here's her description:

I assembled the tower then covered it with jelly beans and non-pariels. I then added details like Tart N Tinies and dragees and drew vines and flowers on the tower with royal icing. I drew the flowers and the hanging tower details with royal icing on wax paper. After they dried, I attached them. The grass is royal icing, applied with a grass decorating tip, with individual blades added between the "paving stones." Rapunzel, the prince, and the witch are colored rolled fondant, which I made from scratch, with royal icing details and rainbow sprinkle irises.

Candies used:

Large and small jelly beans, pink and white mint lozenges, Snowcaps, large and small non-pariels, Necco wafers, chocolate rocks, Tart N Tinies, gold and silver dragees, rainbow sprinkles, royal icing, rolled fondant

That's dedication because this is one of the most detailed I've seen with all of the piece work it required.  And all that candy looks like flowers.  (Am I strange if I mention that the tower reminded me of Rapunzel's braided hair in Tangled?  If you've seen it, hopefully you know what I mean and don't think I'm bonkers!)

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