Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Mac Cases

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am planning to mostly avoid the holiday crush this weekend but I can't help but shop a little and go see Tangled.  And work on Cinderella Tales From Around the World which is almost finished and get ahead on some blog entries again.  (Yes, I write many of them in advance!)  I received a notification from Zazzle about their Black Friday deals, however, and now I am tempted to get a new case for my iPhone for they will be $20 off for two hours tomorrow (8:01 AM to 10:00 AM CST, 10: 01 AM to 12:00 PST).  I haven't seen one in person, but my case is much abused and to have a FAIRY TALE one would be quite lovely.  Problem is that I have the hardest time choosing the illustration to use.  Or picking someone else's like this one from Kristin Mills:

The rest of these are from the SurLaLune library and what I designed first since they were most convenient.

Jessie Willcox Smith's Little Red Riding Hood speckcase
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Anyway, if you are taking a Turkey break and want to order a fairy tale iPhone case tomorrow--3G and 4G cases are available as well as iPad cases-- please let me know which illustration you are interested in from the SurLaLune Gallery.  I'm happy to design anytime, but with the special pricing tomorrow, it may be the best price of the season.  Also tell me if you are interested in 3G or 4G or iPad (which may be more limited due to larger size).

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  1. Oooh I'm so totally interested... don't know if I can get in on the sale, but I'm still interested even at full price. I'd love an iPhone 3G case with the 1st illustration from East of the Sun West of the Moon by Kay Nielsen, and an iPhone 3G case with the 6th illustration from Ivan and the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf by Ivan Bilibin and the 4th illustration from Vassilisa the Beautiful by Ivan Bilibin. I don't know what's involved with designing them, and I'm not sure I can afford all three at full price, but if it isn't much trouble for you, I'd love to see what they'd look like! Thanks so much for the post!