Monday, November 29, 2010

Overall Negative Response to Red Riding Hood Trailer

I'm going to do a few quick posts to catch up on stuff I failed to post last week. Here's the first:

The Guardian (UK) had a very negative response to the new trailer for Red Riding Hood. See Red Riding Hood trailer: life in the hood ain't so Grimm for a breakdown.

Fairytales have always played a vital function, offering strict morality lessons that help to mould each generation of children into well-developed adults. However, now that they're primarily being used to sell subscriptions to satellite television companies, there's a real danger they may soon be a thing of the past.

Hmmm, narrow view of fairy tales, but not surprising. But most of the attack is based on the Twilight tie-ins, from director to a love triangle, etc. Now, I'm not overly impressed with the trailer either, but I'm not going to rip the movie on a single trailer. I know trailers can be edited to make a movie look like anything. There's a whole genre of that kind of spoofing on YouTube actually.

Not that I'm excited about the movie either, mind you. It does look rather silly so far...  And so far the blogosphere agrees.  This one will be somewhat dueling with Beastly, so that will be an interesting match up.

And in case you missed it when I posted it several days ago, here it is again:

And here's the Beastly trailer again while we're here:


  1. This is a good point you make about trailers not necessarily representing what the actual film is about. After seeing the trailer, my hope for the film plummeted to the negatives. Perhaps I can reconsider.

  2. I actually think that Red Riding Hood looks like a lot more fun than Beastly. For one thing, I'm annoyed by the ostensible message of B&B that one should look beyond looks, which the Beast learns by...snagging a beautiful girl. Nice. Second, I'm completely uninterested in yet more stories about rich teenagers. And third, I just think Red Riding Hood looks prettier.

  3. I don't know - in a lot of ways I think its brave of them to try and take a story as old and cliche as Red Riding Hood and try to make a feature length movie about it. Even if it looks geared to grab all the Twi-hard fans, I am looking forward to seeing what they have done with it to make it appeal to new audiences and breathe life into the old story.

  4. I think I bristled at the trailer because The Company of Wolves is one of my favorite movies, and this looks...different. But I'll give it chance. I like Amanda Seyfried and the movie does *look* gorgeous (the red cape against the snow!) so why not?