Monday, November 29, 2010

CyberMonday: MP3s Deals

Off topic bargain hunting:

It's CyberMonday and I admit I have been shopping for deals off and on, almost none of them .  Today Amazon is offering $3 worth of MP3s for free which is nice but even nicer if you are interested in any of their $1.99 album specials.  (The husband was.)

Use code GET3MP3S and get $3 in MP3 downloads instantly. Credit good for songs or albums sold at Amazon MP3. Offer ends November 30. No purchase necessary.

To redeem it, just go to any MP3 listing page and click on the "Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance" choice under the Buy buttons on the right side of the page in the green box. Then choose a few things or one album to download and the credit will be applied. You don't have to buy anything on the page you redeem the code either, that's just the quickest way to redeem it if you are shopping.

There's also lots of free Christmas music and other goodies for cheap, all inexpensive if you browse a little.

And although I owned it, I really recommend In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson who I love. It's one of the oldest of the deal offerings--many are recent releases--but it's a great one if you don't own it and like laid back music. Banana Pancakes is beloved in my house--the song, not the food.  I don't make pancakes often and I choose other fruit or chocolate chips if I have the choice.

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