Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Enchanted Conversation: The Hansel And Gretel Issue

Enchanted Conversation: The Hansel And Gretel Issue is now live and available for reading online.

Here's the table of contents, without the links--just click through the link above to read more:

Little Hans, By Erika Tracy

A Father's Weakness, By Olivia Arieti

About Roses, By Alexandra Seidel

Two Sides to Every Story, By Janet Bucklew

A Girl's Liberation, By Paula Jones

Broken, By Gerri Leen

Sugarcoated, By Tahlia Merrill

The Blacksmith's Children, By Ben Langhinrichs

Into The Forest and Through the Woods (A Song of Hansel), By Wynne Huddleston

Cooking Children! With Witch Wanda, By Samuel Valentino

Sugared Coated Dreams, By Loralie Hall

The Schwarzwald Incident, By Laura Garrison

The Trouble With Candy Houses, By Heather Talty

Things That Cannot Be Eaten, By Jazz Sexton

The White Bird, By Eric Pazdziora

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