Monday, November 15, 2010

A Note About Fairy Tale Ornaments

A tip about fairy tale ornaments.  The holidays are fast approaching and a few shoppers are finding my fairy tale ornaments on the CafePress main site since I finally decided to rerelease them there. The ornaments cost $12 each on the main site.  If you buy them through the SurLaLune store--they are the exact same ornaments, just listed differently in the shop I pay for and maintain--they cost $7.99.  I control the pricing and get a bigger cut through the SurLaLune store and have no control over the Cafe Press main site which is why I pulled off it a while back and am just now allowing my stuff to be listed there again.  I get only 10% of the much higher price through the Cafe Press main site. Last year I gave away several ornaments on the blog, but I won't be doing that this year.  I have other plans in process.  They involve books. 

I love these ornaments.  I designed them for myself and decided to share. Over the past several years I've bought about 40 different ones for myself and have a fairy tale tree that brings me no end of pleasure, I have to admit. They are the primary reason I have kept the CafePress shop open despite all of the policy changes I have suffered through the past several years with them.  Now Zazzle is offering ornaments, too, but I haven't had the time to create any ornaments there.  I have only really focused on the shoes there which are my other favorite products I've created. 

I admit this is a shameless plug but I really and truly don't make that much money from CafePress, barely enough to justify keeping the shop open, but I love buying a few things myself on occasion and know a few of you do too.  The ornaments are high quality.  Those of you who received one last year through the blog hopefully agree!

So if you decide you want one--and peruse the entire shop because not all are in the ornament section--do go through the SurLaLune shop and save yourself 33%.  It's the bargain shopper in me that doesn't want to see you pay more than you have to. Consider it a perk of reading this blog...

And I don't know why I randomly chose some of the "sweeter" illustrations for this post.  Hmmmm.... 

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  1. Is the SurLaLune shop available all year round? I can't find a link anywhere but in this post.