Thursday, November 4, 2010

2011 Calendar Time

It's that time of year again--when I start shopping for my 2011 wall calendar.  It used to feel like a trivial purchase--and it still is--but it has become more important to me over the years since I work at my desk for countless hours each day.  My calendar has become one of the most looked at pieces of artwork in my home and I love that it changes every month to a new image.  There are a few fairy tale choices this year but I am only tempted by the Arthur Rackham option.  Here's a list with some that are definitely not in my taste areas, but I am a completist and wanted to show them all...

Rackham's Fairy Tales 2011 Wall Calendar

Fairy Tales, Enchanted World 2011 Wall

J. Scott Campbell's Fairy Tale Fantasies 2011 Calendar

2011 Shrek Forever After Wall Calendar

Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Wall Calendar

I also have to admit that my true calendar weakness is for Woman Reading themes, at least two of which are printed each year making my decision difficult because I always like both.  I chose Reading Woman for my 2010 calendar since I am not enslaved to fairy tale themes in all areas of my life.  These images always provide a nice soothing respite from the hundreds of fairy tale images I look at almost every day of the year.

The Reading Woman 2011 Wall Calendar

The Reading Woman 2011 Wall Calendar

The Reading Woman 2011 Small Wall Calendar

So what is your wall calendar of choice?  Or do you stick with an electronic calendar these days?  I do so much electronically but seeing the month at a glance beside me is still a must for my lifestyle.

There are also a bazillion faerie themed calendars but these were some of my favorites...
Faerie Houses 2011 Wall Calendar

Fairies 2011 Wall Calendar

Fairies 2011 Coloring Calendar

World of Faerie by Brian Froud 2011 Calendar

Llewellyn's 2011 Woodland Faeries Calendar

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