Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sleeping on Bedtime Stories

I never shared one of my other favorite birthday presents received this year.  A dear friend sent me a pillowcase from this sheet set on Pottery Barn Kids.  I finally got it washed and on my extra pillow this past week and I love it. 

No, it's not directly fairy tale related, but animals reading books are rather magical for me, very fairy tale-ish.  Now I am in love with a pillowcase.  It doesn't hurt that it is high quality cotton with a sewn in pouch that keeps the pillow inside despite all of the abuse I give pillows while reading and sleeping.  When I possess them, they get squashed and plumped rather ruthlessly, poor things.

These are a seasonal, limited edition print available at Pottery Barn Kids and selling out now on clearance.  There is a boys' version and a girls' version.  There are also duvet sets where the pictures came from to give a better image.  The links will work only as long as they are still in stock, I guess.  I am not affiliated with Pottery Barn in any way.  I'm just posting as a fan. 

And what I love most?  All of the animals aren't cats.  On the rare occasion that books show up on pajamas or other novelty items, cats are inevitably included.  Hey, I firmly believe other animals read, not just cats.  ;)  And when they read, they read fairy tales, of course.

And while we're here, there is also a toile design on clearance with children reading on them.  And there are Superman, Star Wars and Dr Seuss sets.  And some of the most beautiful florals I've seen in bedding in a while.  I'm glad they don't come in king size or I would be in trouble.  I get to make do with window shopping or succumbing to a few pillowcases.  I loved my own Bambi sheets when I was kid, but I would have adored these even more.  Well, not the Seuss.  Those would have given me nightmares.

Thanks, Val.  It was a great birthday gift.  Little did you--or I--know!

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