Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Robin Hood Week: Robin Hood on Film

Robin Hood

Robin Hood (1991) is known as one of the dueling Robin Hood's released to little publicity around the same time as Kevin Costner's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  Can you guess which one I own on DVD and which one I don't? 

I saw the version starring Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman a few years later on TV and definitely preferred it.  I haven't seen it in years and will be tempted to pull it out again and see if it holds up to my memory after I see the new version with Russell Crowe this weekend.  I remember preferring the Bergin  interpretation even if it is on the darker side of things.  Unfortunately, the plotting is a little slow for what was still essentially an action flick. 

In other words, it's far from perfect, there are reasons it didn't get the press publicity and studio support, but it is still a fine interpretation of Robin Hood and considered the best by many Robin Hood enthusiasts, so if you've never seen it, give it a try. 

So what is your favorite film version of Robin Hood?  Here's a list of some of the more famous versions to jog your memory...and not in any particular order since I was relying on my memory, too.  Feel free to post about others if I left one out. Note that this is about films, not tv series which is another bag of gold.

Robin Hood (Most Wanted Edition)

 Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (Two-Disc Special Extended Edition)

The Adventures of Robin Hood (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Robin Hood - Men in Tights

Story of Robin Hood

Robin and the Seven Hoods

Robin Hood

Robin B Hood

Robin and Marian

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  1. I love the Disney version, and watched it over and over as a kid.
    Oddly enough I also really like Robin and the Seven Hoods. :)