Monday, May 10, 2010

Modern-day Rapunzel charged with 50 break-ins

From Modern-day Rapunzel charged with 50 break-ins:

It's a modern day version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Rapunzel — but this one is criminal.

A Mississauga man was arrested in connection to 50 residential break-ins, many using a ladder to enter second-story windows not to circumvent an evil enchantress, but electronic security systems wired to protect main floor windows and doors.

Police said the suspect is alleged to have broken into 27 homes in Peel, 17 in York and six in Halton. The suspect in Project Rapunzel is alleged to have made off with about $800,000 in jewellery, cash and electronic items in his spree.

Peel Det. Randy Brack of the 22 Division Break and Enter Unit said they launched Project Rapunzel two months ago to target a suspect who targeted high-end homes.

The homes were vulnerable because most abodes don't have security systems for second story windows.
I think the Rapunzel imagery is pushing it, but I appreciate the influence and vague connection. Guess mostly I was disappointed that hair or a long rope wasn't involved...

But really I was just thrilled to find some fairy tale related news that wasn't sports or wedding related, although this one broke the usual "fairy tale wedding" mode: Head Ogre Heels. Yes, it's a Shrek themed wedding, one of the most full, all out I've seen. Not the typical fairy tale wedding news of dewy brides and fairy lights...

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