Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sleeping Bride

This one is for my UK readers and the rest of you in Europe since this isn't being released stateside anytime soon from what I can see. From Sleeping Bride – A Classic Manga from the Creator of Astro Boy Brought to Life by the Director of Ring and Dark Water at Anime News Network:

Palisades Tartan is pleased to bring to the UK market a rare gem from the filmography of the godfather of J-horror, Hideo Nakata: Sleeping Bride, available on DVD nationwide from Monday 31st May. Based on the manga Garasu no Noh or The Glass Brain, originally published in Shonen Sunday magazine, it remains one of Tezuka's most inspired one-shot stories, a modern twist on a classic fairy-tale romance tinged with maturity, wisdom, and a hint of classic sci-fi feature Charly from the novel Flowers For Algernon. Made between his Ringu movies and Dark Water, director Hideo Nakata and writer Chiaki Konaka brought this tale to the screen using a mix of fresh-faced talents and industry stalwarts.

Synopsis: From Osamu Tezuka, godfather of manga, and Hideo Nakata, godfather of J-horror, comes this quirky romance between a boy and the comatose girl with whom he falls in love. Born asleep after a terrible crash, Yumi (Risa Hoto) grows up unaware of the world around her. Yuichi (Yuki Kohara) grows up convinced that one day his kiss will awaken her like the princess of legend. When she finally does awake, they find that the real world is no fairy tale. Can they face the harshness of reality together? Or will it be too much for them to bear?

The DVD is available for preorder through at The Sleeping Bride. Here's their brief description:

SLEEPING BRIDE tells the story of Yuichi who falls for a young woman, Yumi, comatose since birth. After ten years of visiting his 'sleeping beauty' she wakes up. But the world is a very strange, new place for Yumi, and Yuichi may not have long to show it to her.
And that's all I know about that.  My knowledge of all things anime and manga is sadly lacking.  But I think this is an interesting take on Sleeping Beauty...

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