Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wanna Beer With Your Tale?

Men launch Loveland-based Grimm Brothers Brewery by Shelley Widhalm:

Don Chapman and Aaron Heaton, who share a love of crafting beer, decided to go into business together after one or the other kept winning local and national home-brewing competitions.

Chapman and Heaton met three to four years ago through the Liquid Poets home-brew club in Fort Collins. They worked together to refine their recipes, deciding last year to open a brewery.

Because they particularly like German-style lagers and ales, they named their brewery Grimm Brothers Brewhouse after the German source of folk and fairy tale collections. The name of each microbrew will refer to one of the 18th century tales.

“They’re a little darker, a little bit whimsical ... more adult story lines,” Heaton said.

Loveland is in Colorado, by the way.

Never say I'm not an equal opportunity poster about fairy tale related stuff...I don't even drink alcohol, but this one amused me. I think the Three Billy Goats Pub should serve Grimm Brothers Beer, that's a link to the official site.

And I admit the thought of naming beers from fairy tale elements is almost as much fun as naming nail polishes. The site currently lists The Golden Key, The 13th Door, Big Bad Wolf, Seven Eighths and Old Rinkrank.


  1. Heidi, I'm a long-time reader of your site. Thanks for this link, I live in a neighboring town and can't wait to go try the beer.

  2. Come back and let us know if it is any good.

    Wonder if they would "slum" and make a root beer, too? :)