Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad to the Pigs

Since today in the United States, most of us are thinking about feasting tomorrow, perhaps traveling today or sometime this weekend, I thought I'd share a short fun take on Three Little Pigs, something that requires no heavy lifting by your brain and only a minute of your time.

Warning: The pigs do not fare well in this one...

So here's 'Bad to the Pigs' by mwileczka:

The three little pigs, with a twist... This was done as a 3D animation class project in 2002. We had to use Lego people to tell a fairy tale. Although this time, the B.B. Wolf gets his revenge.

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  1. "...something that requires no heavy lifting by your brain..."
    Ha! What a great way of putting it. And you're quite right on that, and on that it is quite fun. :-D