Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Fairy Tale Games

Today I offer more fairy tale themed games and activities, most aimed at younger children. The memory games look like fun and I'm tempted by the playing cards myself. I was surprised I didn't find a fairy tale bingo game. So then I went looking on the web and found this site but I wish the cards didn't include Disney images especially for classroom use. Now my brain is considering ways to make up some bingo cards with fairy tale themes and ones that would be easier to call out to wee ones.

But for now, here are some ready made games:

Fairytale Time Deck of Cards

Fairy-tale themed playing cards...

Fairy Tales Memory Game by Educa

Slightly different memory game where you use a game board and try to match all of the characters from each tale, but some bad characters can make you lose all you've won.

Fairy Tale Once Upon a Time Matching and Old Maid Playing Cards Game Set by eeBoo

Once Upon a Time Matching game pairs up 24 classic fairy tale characters.

Fairytale Spinner Game by eeBoo

In this game for two to four players, participants spin for a hero, treasure, rival, means of transport, helper, magical object or fairy tale places. The person to collect them all first wins and gets to use all the elements in a story.

Tell Me A Story - Fairy Tale Mix-Up by eeBoo

36 flash cards with 36 different images with instructions included for a variety of games and activities.

Write Me A Story - Fairy Tale Mix-Up by eeBoo

A variation of Tell Me a Story above but for older kids with more complex story cards and writing, not really a game but creative writing exercise. Essentially 50 perforated pages and 96 stickers in a nice notebook that encourages story creation using classic fairy tale elements and story cards. I think this one acts more as a book kit for one child, not a game for multiple players, so consider it as such.


  1. A couple more in this vein but not included above are the Selecta Spielzeug publication Save the Fairy Tale Treasure! (which combines, to some extent, the matching mechanic of Pairs/Concentration with the sliding chits of the Ravensburger Labyrinth games and was a nominee for the Kinderspiel des Jahres last year; it also has wooden components and 2D illustration far above Selecta's normally sub-HABA and Zoch standards) and Adlung-Spiele's Im Märchenwald, which is one of those card games that functions more like a portable board game that Adlung-Spiele (being a card game-only publisher) have come to specialise in. Though the game-play is eminently suitable for children, the illustration of this one appears surprisingly dark, in all senses of the world. And both of those two are collaborative games (though Save the Fairy Tale Treasure! has an optional competitive variation) which goes some way to alleviate the tears and rage that result from some younger children playing games with each other.

    Selecta also do a fairy tale cube puzzle, called Fabolina, similar to one mentioned here a few posts ago. And, talking of collaborative games, how could I have forgotten the Family Pastimes game Princess? This one doesn't reference a specific fairy tale but rather the tropes of the format, in which the players use memory, logic and imagination to rescue a "sturdy little" princess who has been trapped in a castle.

  2. I don't know if you've featured these, but favorites of mine are Once Upon a Time and Sleeping Queens, both card games. They're worth a look!

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