Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Fairy Tale Origami

This is a follow-up post to the Fairy Tale Origami from this past Saturday.

I vaguely remembered some other fairy tale origami books from a few years ago and after some quick research, I found them again. They are out of print, but still available used and perhaps through your favorite library. The books are available individually or in a gift pack of all four with origami paper. I admit I ordered a gift pack for myself before they disappeared forever. I had wanted these and then forgot about them and am thrilled I was able to find a set. So perhaps I will have an origami themed week in the future after I've had fun folding.

Here are the individual titles:

Fairy Tale Origami #1-Goldilocks (Heian's Fairy Tale Series) by Ken Kuroi

Fairy Tale Origami #2-Hansel And Gretel (Heian's Fairy Tale Series) by Mitsuo Shinozaki

Fairy Tale Origami #3-Little Red Riding Hood (Heian's Fairy Tale Series) by Kuniro Fukazawa

Fairy Tale Origami #4-Snow White (Heian's Fairy Tale Series) by Hiroaki Ikeda

Origami Fairy Tales Gift Pack

Heian's origami fairy tale series is now in a beautifully designed gift pack, including four books and 60 sheets of colorful, non-toxic origami paper. Each book tells a story and demonstrates how to create six origami figures from the featured fairy tale: * Goldilocks & the Three Bears * Hansel & Gretel * Little Red Riding Hood * Snow White. This is a classic book collection and origami craft kit all in one, for hours of creative storytime play, and making reading fun even for the youngest readers.

Is anyone else surprised that Cinderella was neglected in this series? I know tales with animals are easier, but we did get Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. A pumpkin carriage would be quite a challenge though.

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  1. Wow - I've never seen anything like these. Brilliant! Thanks for the post. I'd be curious to know if they also have Japanese Folktales like Momotaro available, too. Definitely going to look into getting some of these for the kids.