Thursday, November 12, 2009

Disney's First Black Princess article

Because I haven't posted anything in a few weeks about Princess and the Frog and we are after all a month away now, I offer: Black parents teach young girls significance of Disney's first black princess by Megan K. Scott

Tiana has already sparked a merchandising frenzy - beauty products, dolls, a cookbook, a cooking set. There is even a new Tiana wedding dress as part of the "Kirstie Kelly for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings" line.

The Halloween costumes sold out quickly in some cities, according to Disney Consumer Products, and the "Just One Kiss" doll was named one of the "Hot Dozen" toys for the holiday season in FunFare Magazine, a toy industry publication. On Oct. 1, all 5,000 Tiana-themed Magical Beauty Collection Gift Sets were sold on before noon, the first day the products were available.

Little girls don't see colour distinctions as much as older girls, said Charlotte Reznick, a child educational psychologist and author of "The Power of Your Child's Imagination."

But she said Tiana will register on some level with little black girls and boost their sense of themselves even if it's subtle.

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