Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Peau d'Ane: Discovering the Dreamer of Franck Sorbier


Franck Sorbier’s fashion shows are always a exceptional and magic moment. For the Spring/Summer collection 2013, the poet, Franck Sorbier, has choosen to reinterpret the tale of “Peau d’Ane”. There is some Magic in the Telling … “Discovering the Dreamer of Franck Sorbier”.

Haute Couture is a land that imagination forgot. Many will speak of it as legend or as fantasy or even as mythology. And that is perfectly fine. We have no objection. However, Haute Couture is a real fact of life.

The Peau d'Ane inspiration is fun and makes me wish the tale was better known in the US since it would make a great challenge on Project Runway or the like. Make a dress like the sun, like the moon, or the stars. Or like the fishes in the sea and all the flowers in the fields depending on what version you read.

Most of the articles on the show which took place earlier this year are in French. But here are two videos, also in French, that show everything in action. This was a collaboration with Intel and their Ultrabook.

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