Friday, March 16, 2012

Women in Folklore

The above book is the highly recommended Women and Tradition: A Neglected Group of Folklorists edited by Carmen Blacker and Hilda Ellis Davidson.

The traffic and readership on this blog has increased quite a bit since March 2010 so I wanted to point new readers to my Women in Folklore month of posts from that time when I shared daily posts on the subject for Women's History Month. You'll have to page through the month backward though that link but since the posts were not very chronological, but mostly freestanding, it doesn't matter much.

March, being a mid-school semester month, gets so many themes and celebrations from Art to Music to Women's History that I have chosen a different one for each of the past few Marches. Last year was art with children's illustrators highlighted each day. This year is music although the daily posting has been challenged due to unforeseen scheduling and projects that are bombarding me.

But I miss you all! Don't think I am going away! I am very sad that my March postings aren't as robust as I had planned, but we will all persevere!

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