Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Carolyn Turgeon's The Next Full Moon: Release Day and Giveaway Winner

Today is the official release day for Carolyn Turgeon's The Next Full Moon. So this is the official announcement post. Regular readers are also aware that I have a copy to giveaway (see here) and I have randomly selected a winner from the entries I've received. The winner RichLayers. I don't have an email for you, RichLayers, so please contact me with your mailing address. For everyone else, the book is available in paperback and well worth the list price of $6.99! It is not in Kindle format yet, perhaps because it is aimed at younger readers.

Look for my next post today, a special guest post by author Carolyn Turgeon!

Book description:

This thoroughly compelling, gorgeously told tale, begins as the weather turns warm enough to swim in the local lake, twelve-year-old Ava is looking forward to a lazy summer, and her crush, Jeff is most definitely taking notice of her. Everything is going beautifully. Until Ava starts to grow feathers—all over her shoulders, arms, and back. Horrified, mortified, and clad in a hoodie, she hides out in her bedroom missing her dead mother and worrying about the summer, and the rest of her freakish life... Carolyn Turgeon has a gift for imagining magical worlds. In Ava’s case, this other-worldly place belongs to the Swan Maidens, one of whom is Ava’s mother. Ava goes back and forth between middle school and this magical realm taking the reader along for an exhilarating, extraordinary ride.

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  1. This lovely and accessible middle grade novel, written for girls, is also beautiful and layered enough to delight their mothers. When Ava, a motherless girl, nears thirteen, she begins to grow feathers. Ashamed at first, she tries to hide them, until she realizes the magical world they open up.