Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman on HSN

So HSN (Home Shopping Network) is going to devote 24 hours to selling Snow White inspired merchandise and offering behind the scenes information about the SW&H film on May 30th, shortly before the film's release.

And the kicker is that I am tempted. Darn it. I find myself attracted to some of these pieces despite my wishes otherwise. I want to see the mirror they describe and some of the other materials, too. I doubt I will indulge but I will be tempted to look and HSN does a great job at sales pitching. There's even nail polish, but fortunately that fetish of mine is not tempted by reds and pinks. I own some Deborah Lippman brand and don't need those colors even if they have cool names.

From The NYT: HSN Plans Event to Sell ‘Snow White,’ the Merchandise by Elizabeth Olson:

“It’s really powerful to link the storytelling and products,” said Stephanie Sperber, president of partnerships and licensing for Universal Pictures, which produced the Brothers Grimm-inspired tale starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron as the dueling beauties.

The May 30 HSN event, just before “Snow White” opens nationally on June 1, is trying to drum up viewer interest. Exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at the film version, with its fantastical effects, striking scenery and scary twists, will be combined with products specifically created to evoke the film’s themes of beauty and power.

There is no product placement, but Ms. Theron wears Evil Queen jewelry that inspired HSN’s apple-shaped brooch and about 200 other products, including several mirrors, that will be offered to home shoppers with footage from the movie’s filming in and around London last year.

More from the article:

In advance of its “Snow White” programming blitz, HSN plans to show the movie to its employees — as with “Eat Pray Love” — to help its call-center workers respond more readily to shopper questions about products and their connections to the film.

HSN also was on the set in England to film interviews and footage for the behind-the-scenes material that will be part of its May “Snow White” session. HSN also is showing a movie trailer on its site, and mailing 1.5 million program guides to its households to build awareness among viewers. It will also promote the event on other television networks, but it has not yet settled on which ones.

In addition to the apple-shaped brooch designed by Heidi Daus, other products include a twig-and-butterfly bordered mirror designed by Hutton Wilkinson, candles by D.L. and Company, and Richard Mishaan-designed candlesticks, lamps, mirrors and decorative pillows. Each designer is scheduled to talk about the wares related to “Snow White” during the HSN event.

Shoppers who use mobile devices, including tablets, will be able to watch clips on products and the film, and talk about them on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

There is a preview page with more images on HSN. The ones I shared here are my favorite--they are photographed very well. There is some home decor, too. I wonder what else will be marketed to us...

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