Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Music Month: The Song of the Swan Maiden by Margie Butler

The above is a video of Margie Butler singing "The Song of the Swan Maiden," a ballad. Butler has many songs released but this appears not to have been released for purchase yet.

Today is all about swan maidens of different sorts, so this was a beautiful choice for kicking off the day.

Here are the lyrics:
The people of the town say she's crazy,
The people of the town say she's mad.
As she wanders by the shore long hours,
Dreaming of the love she once had.

Many nights I've seen her weeping
Underneath the darkened sky.
Many days I've heard her
Singing the same sad lullabye.
I have wandered by the ocean,
Just to hear her mournful song.
Her heart so filled with longing,
To the night she does belong.


In the cold light of the dawning,
Just as the morning sun did break,
I thought I saw her swimming
With the swans upon the lake
On that silent day she vanished,
Of her song there was no trace.
I walked the cliffs and meadows,
I searched in every place.

They say some strange enchanted magic
Has taken her away.
Bewitched so by her sorrow
They say she'll always stay.
Some say that she's become a swallow,
And out to the sea has flown.
Some say into a willow,
Weeping she has grown.


Through the seasons I will wander,
Through the heather, through the snow.
I'll sing it to the willow,
Surely she will know.
I'll sing it to the morning,
The song that she has given me,
Likewise into the evening,
Someday I know she'll see.


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