Saturday, March 31, 2012

Music Month: The Little Match Seller (Silent Night) by The Puppini Sisters


The Little Match Seller (Silent Night) by The Puppini Sisters is today's song of the day. Yes, it's a Christmas song. And I cannot believe I have forgotten to share this song the last few years around the Christmas holiday. But that means I can easily share it here today. I fell in love with The Puppini Sisters when they reached the height of their popularity about five years ago. I'll admit this isn't one of my favorites despite the lyrics adapting so well to the melody of Silent Night. But it is rather dreary and I love the pep of the group. Their tight harmonies are amazing and the humor is fun. If it were possible I would have worn out my MP3s from Betcha Bottom Dollar in 2007. I feel so reminiscent now... Of course, you have to have a big retro bone in your body like I do. But it's fun to hear what they do with Wuthering Heights and Heart of Glass, too.

Here are the first two stanzas of the lyrics:

Silent Night, Lonely Night
Streets are dark, no soul in sight
Round and round does the match seller roam
Only trouble awaits her at home
Shivering, hungry and weary
The little girl sits in the snow

Silent Night, Chilly Night
Rooms awash with Christmas lights
Through the windows come laughter and joy
Children squeal while unwrapping their toys
Looking in from the darkness
The little girl sits in the snow

Here is a video of the song using an animated short of the story, not an official Puppini Sisters video but you can hear the entire song this way.

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