Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Music Month: Cinderella (Stay In My Arms) by Vera Lynn

So far music month has focused on recent pop songs, so now I am going back several decades to share Cinderella (Stay In My Arms) by Vera Lynn. I am not as familiar with Vera Lynn's work although I enjoy music from this era. Lynn is still alive and has had a fascinating career, you can read about her on Wikipedia to start.


Here are the lyrics:

Stay in my arms, Cinderella,
While the clock is striking I'll hold you
At the stroke of twelve don't run away
Oh, can't you hear my heart, it begs you to
Stay in my arms, Cinderella,
Maybe I'm that fellow Prince Charming,
Since I met you I've had one design
Your wedding shoes placed next to mine
Midnight of midnights and so divine
Cinderella, stay in my arms!
The Glenn Miller Orchestra also recorded this one. Now that band I am familiar with! A few other artists have covered it, too.

I am sharing two videos with Lynn's version of the song. The one above is a less common recording circa 1938 and one I prefer over the one below which is apparently more commonly known. Listening to songs like this make me hanker to sit down and watch some old black and white movies and talk to my grandmother who is now gone but who I am sure knew Vera Lynn's work.

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