Sunday, August 7, 2011

Once Upon a Time Book Pendant

I recently achieved a personal milestone and wanted a small memento to celebrate it. I was browsing through a catalog to James Avery jewelry and discovered this little book charm with a very pertinent engraving for me. I own a few pieces of James Avery jewelry--until now my favorite was the Seasons Pendant I will show below, too. But this will perhaps eclipse it, at least in sentimentality:

Need I say I fell in love? I ended up only having the "Once upon a time..." engraved on the charm to stay within my budget, but I may have to add the "happily ever after" later. The front side may also be engraved and it is tempting to put "SurLaLune" on it. Maybe someday...

And here is that Seasons pendant I enjoy so well:

Charming, yes? (Pun definitely intended.)

And while we are here, here are some more fairy tale related charms offered by James Avery. I already have an overfull fairy tale themed charm bracelet--you can see a picture and read about it here--but it is very tempting to start a new one with these overall higher quality charms. The sterling silver is excellent.


Planet Earth Charm (goes so well with "around the world" theme of SurLaLune)

And, no, James Avery doesn't know me from Eve. This is just me posting as a fan and owner. And future owner since I ordered the book charm this week and haven't received it yet.

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