Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mermaids Annual from Faerie Magazine Publisher

The publisher of Faerie Magazine is starting an annual Mermaid magazine, the first issue of which is due out next month. From the website:

Mermaids - Over 200 pages of lush photography, renowned authors and artists, packed with information including the current revival of interest in Mermaids. Advice for aspiring mermaids! Fiction, non-fiction, aquariums and aquatic wonderland, find out what's happening under the sea! Designed to be collected and treasured for years, Mermaids will stun you with 'lore' and the 'lure'!

Pre-orders for Mermaids, orders placed before September 15, 2011, will cost $11.95 (a savings of 20%), plus shipping. Beginning September 15, 2011, Mermaids will cost $14.95 plus shipping.

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