Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snow Queen and Other DVD Deals (Including Charlie and Lola)

The Snow Queen

Amazon has many popular BBC DVD titles on sale right now--I think it is ending soon since I am a little late on this--but one of the titles is The Snow Queen which was released in 2007. There are also many Jane Austen and Bronte sisters film adaptations on the list.

Here are some descriptions for the film:


This staggeringly gorgeous interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale The Snow Queen began as a concert of the pretty music by Paul K. Joyce. The story is told in broad strokes: A mother (Juliet Stevenson, Truly Madly Deeply) and her daughter Gerda (teen soprano Sydney White, who's been tearing up the musical stages in England) take in a homeless boy named Kay. When Kay disappears, kidnapped by the vampiric Snow Queen (ancestress to the White Witch of Narnia, no doubt), Gerda sets off in pursuit and comes across helpful ravens, talking flowers, moving statues, and benevolent reindeer in the course of her hero-journey. The wholly digital world created for this film is astonishing; much of it looks like hand-painted Victorian photographs, each image suitable for framing. Ironically, as the story grows more magical, the imagery turns more conventionally "fantastic" (the Snow Queen's arctic lair is a bit like Superman's Fortress of Solitude). But the overall texture of the movie is engagingly stylized, with movement that seems staggered yet graceful, like a silent film. The Snow Queen demonstrates that digital technology can make a more ethereal aesthetic as vivid and startling as a slimy alien or a bigger explosion. --Bret Fetzer

Product Description

Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale comes to life in an enchanting mix of music and song, live drama and stunning animation. When Gerda and her mother take in the penniless beggar boy, Kay, powerful forces come into play that will take both children on a magical journey and test their friendship to the extreme. One cold winter night a splinter of ice pierces Kay's eye, turning his heart cold and making him angry and unhappy. He is enchanted by the Snow Queen and taken to her palace in the frozen North. Gerda decides that she must do whatever she can to find her friend. Faith, love and courage lead Gerda on a perilous quest through many strange lands. Will the little girl in the red velvet cloak be able to match the power of the Snow Queen?

While I have your attention, however, I have to admit what interested me most was the collection of Charlie and Lola DVDs which I adore. They are several dollars less than usual and I am considering adding to my own collection. These are some of the children's videos that just make me smile and that I have enjoyed watching over and over with my niece and others. It is most economical to buy Charlie and Lola, Vol. 1-8 for the first 8 dvds unless you already own them piecemeal as I do. But individually they make great gifts, too.

Charlie and Lola, Vol. 1-8 Charlie and Lola, Vol. 1 Charlie and Lola, Vol. 2 Charlie and Lola, Vol. 3: My Little Town

Charlie and Lola, Vol. 4 - It Is Absolutely Completely Not Messy Charlie and Lola, Vol. 5 - But I Am an Alligator Charlie and Lola, Vol. 6 - How Many More Minutes Until Christmas Charlie & Lola, Vol 7 - This Is Actually My Party

Charlie and Lola, Vol. 8: I Am Collecting a Collection Charlie and Lola, Vol. 9: What Can I Wear for Halloween? Charlie & Lola, Vol. 10: I Can't Stop Hiccuping Charlie & Lola 11: I Really Need Actual Ice Skates

I love Charlie and Lola (the characters). I am an oldest so my sympathies are with Charlie but my heart wants to be Lola when I grow down.... Doesn't hurt that they were created by Lauren Child who has given us her share of fairy tale books, too. I know they are becoming over exposed in places but I still find fewer kids who know them here in the U.S.

The Princess and the Pea Goldilocks and the Three Bears Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?
Beware of the Storybook Wolves

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