Monday, March 8, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls' Fairy Tales

From Wikipedia:

The Brown Eyed Girls or B.E.G. is a South Korean girl group managed by NegaNetwork. The group consists of four members: Jea, Ga-in, Narsha and Miryo. Since debuting in 2006, the group has risen to popularity through a number of hit singles, beginning with 2008's "L.O.V.E."

Anyway, the group has released photos from a recent photo shoot in which they portrayed darker versions of fairy tale characters. See the article at Brown Eyed Girls become fairy tale characters.

Each member takes upon the role of a classic fairy tale princess: Narsha as Snow White, Ga-In as Cinderella, Jea as Elisa and Miryo as Rapunzel.

Each member shows off a very new powerful, dark and sexy side of them as the charisma just overflows out of their very raunchy and chic fashion.

The girls take classic fictional princesses from our childhood and give them a whole new makeover with the “Dark Princess” concept. It’s hard to determine whether or not your whole adolescent life has been ruined because the girls look far too good.

The fashion of this photoshoot was very unique. The girls look devastatingly pale with smoky mascara and special black lipstick. This new transformation has got fans talking as they say “They’re charismatic and bold“, “They’re pretty like dolls” and “It’s such a wonderful and perfect photoshoot“.

Click through the article link to see more images--I am only sharing four of them here. The last character I am unsure of myself. I am not sure who Elisa is and didn't take the time to research it...


  1. Elisa is supposedly from The Wild Swans which (the article I read) said was written by the Grimm Brothers. So the information may not be 100% accurate, but she IS from The Wild Swans.

  2. The Wild Swans certainly makes sense to me - endlessly making those shirts... It's a very interesting photo.